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The third generation of electricians

Copley and Son Ltd was founded in 1952 by William Copley – and the current owner, Dave now runs the company with his two sons, Mark and Paul.

Things have moved on from then as the company has expanded with a factory and a team of qualified electricians and apprentices who are working alongside the experts to learn their trade.

When our customers have any kind of problem, one of our electricians will deal with it. It’s part of how we have always worked – our customers are valuable and it’s really important that they are happy with the service they get.

It’s no surprise that Copley & Son Ltd have customers they’ve worked with for decades – in some cases, one of the electricians works virtually full-time on nine chicken farms.

We have customers at both ends of the scale – the big companies with multiple sites and a wide range of needs and the individual householders. We have a small job service with one of the team dedicated to looking after people who just need a bit of help.

Copley and Son really does offer the best of both worlds with the traditional family values delivered through a well-organised and professional business.


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